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ProMec Engineering provides a broad range of design and manufacturing solutions for the power generation, mining, oil and gas, materials handling, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, infrastructure and construction industries.  With a widely regarded senior team and over 20 years' experience gained worldwide, ProMec Engineering delivers specialist design and fabrication solutions to suit your particular application.

  • High-quality fabrication services
  • Cost-effective solutions to meet client specifications
  • Leveraging a worldwide supply chain developed through decades of industry experience
  • Cutting-edge applications using the latest technologies and global standards
  • Senior team supported by deep global network to ensure timely project delivery without sacrificing quality, safety and reliability

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What promec engineering design and supply




Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for the power generation, mining, material, oil, gas and downstream industries.

Design optimisation and simulation

We offer advanced engineering analysis and optimisation techniques.

Pressure Part/Pressure Vessel Design and Verification

We can design and verify your pressure parts and/or pressure vessels to local and international codes such as A.S., ASME, EN & API 530 codes.

QA Inspections

At ProMec Engineering we can conduct QA inspections of your products to verify product quality.

Process piping design

We can design and verify your process piping needs to local and international codes such as A.S., ASME using the latest piping stress analysis software such as Caesar II.

Project Management

We offer our Project Management services, whether it be from concept to completion or to take up your resources shortfall at the projects critical path stage.

Find out how ProMec Engineering services can help

At ProMec Engineering, we specialise in providing a comprehensive range of engineering solutions for a variety of sectors. We can offer engineering labour hire, construction labour hire, in addition to other services. We can manufacture products such as an air receiver tank and bridge bearing plates. Our high-quality fabrications are respected in the industry, making us the number one choice for specialised solutions.

Our senior team has over 20 years’ experience, which has been gained in various industries worldwide. It means that our specialist will talk your language and understand your needs. We can perform engineering inspections in Sydney, engineering inspections in Australia or engineering inspections in the Asia-Pacific region. Of course, this knowledge also allows for providing cost-effective solutions tailored to clients’ specifications. For example, if you require a compressed air receiver, a cylindrical pressure vessel or elastomeric bearings, we can manufacturer them.

As engineers ourselves, we have established worldwide contacts allowing us to leverage a global supply chain. We also embrace cutting-edge technology and applications, meaning we can manufacture the highest-quality products such as an air compressor receiver tank, pressure vessel tank or pot bearing equipment. All our products, such as pressure vessels, meet global standards, and as a deep global network supports us, we guarantee projects will be delivered on time. Regardless of where they are produced, they will be built to the same high quality and offer the same reliability and safety that you demand.

We appreciate that other companies offer engineering inspections in Australia, pot bearing equipment, elastomeric bearings, or a compressed air receiver tank, but few have our field knowledge. Likewise, if you require engineering labour hire, construction labour hire or engineering plant labour hire, we know the right people. You will find our senior team immensely knowledgeable and professional giving you that peace of mind, especially engineering inspections.

As a professional company, we believe in doing things correctly from the outset. This means that from the initial consultation, we will document your specifications and needs. You will find that all of our quotes are entirely transparent, allowing you to double-check all aspects. For instance, you can check the specifications for your compressed air receiver, cylindrical pressure vessel or any other pressure vessel tank before we draw up contracts. It will enable you to compare quotes and check our processes and materials. From experience, we know that we will compare favourably, and with our industry knowledge, ProMec Engineering is the right choice for you.

So, if you require engineering inspections in Sydney, an air receiver tank, pressure vessels, bridge bearing plates or indeed, any of our other products or services, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on +61 (0) 424 416 650 or +61 (2) 9944 0795, email or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website and a member of our senior team will revert back to you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of further service.

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