ProMec Engineering stands at the forefront of waste heat recovery units in NSW, offering unparalleled expertise and custom solutions tailored to diverse industries. We have a team of seasoned heat transfer engineers employ advanced finned tube technology, including spiral fin and H fin designs, ensuring precise solutions for onshore and offshore applications in sectors like power generation, mining, oil and gas, and food and beverage. Our professional commitment at ProMec Engineering is to provide total engineering solutions is evident through in-house gas diverter dampers, eliminating the need for separate bypass stacks, particularly beneficial in offshore settings. This internal diverter damper design not only optimises energy recovery but also ensures safety and compliance.


The benefits of ProMec Engineering’s waste heat recovery unit in NSW extend to various industries, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency, emissions reduction, increased productivity, and substantial cost savings. By capturing and using waste heat from industrial processes, ProMec’s solutions align with sustainability goals and regulatory compliance. Our first class waste heat recovery unit in NSW stands out from anything you’ll find in Australia because these are designed to meet industry standards, providing clients with peace of mind. When it comes to providing deluxe engineering solution such as our waste heat recovery unit in NSW, we are not new to the industry. We have over 20 years of experience in the field and we take pride in having accumulated enough knowledge to exceed our customers’ expectations.


For those ready to harness the potential of waste heat recovery, ProMec Engineering offers reliable and customised solutions. Clients can contact ProMec Engineering directly and speak to our team of dedicated professionals to leverage our expertise and elevate their industrial processes. ProMec’s commitment to excellence, innovative designs, and a client-focused approach positions them as the premier partner for waste heat recovery units in NSW.