ProMec Engineering can supply a wide range of standard or custom designed Waste Heat Recovery (WHRU) solutions for both offshore and onshore applications.  With its experienced heat transfer engineers, utilising its vast array of finned tube technology in either spiral fin or H fin type tubes, we can supply a solution to suit your particular needs.  ProMec WHRU's come complete with their in house Gas diverter dampers to provide their client's with a total engineering solution.


  • Vast array of finned tube designs in either spiral fin or H fin technology.
  • Internal diverter damper design to cater for by-passing of exhaust gases. No need for a separate by-pass stack, which in-turn produces a smaller site envelope for offshore applications.
  • Design's suitable for both clean and heavy fouling environments
  • In built Exhaust Silencer to suit your requirements
  • Simple installation.
  • Design simulation services to develop optimised solutions.
  • Either internally insulated or externally insulated.