As its name suggest, Economisers are used to increase overall boiler efficiency.  Economisers are heat exchangers that are located within the boiler.  Their primary function is to extract as much residual heat remaining in the waste gases and transfer this heat into the feedwater. With its experienced heat recovery thermal engineers, utilising its vast array of H finned tube and plain tube technology, ProMec Engineering can supply a solution to suit your particular needs whether it’s a new build or retrofit design of an old Green’s economiser or Senior Economiser.



  • Compact heat recovery surface resulting in pressure loss reduction and less overall weight.
  • H fin type tubes in either single tube or double tube arrangements.
  • Designs can cater for both clean and high fouling applications.
  • In-line fin in-line tube designs allowing straight gas passed in heavy fouling environments.
  • Proven and long lasting design in the harshest boiler conditions.
  • Can supply as individual coils or packaged units dependant on size.