ProMec Engineering is a leading business completing top notch pressure vessel fabrication in Perth as well as second to none air receiver tanks in Australia. We’re glad to offer a wide range of standard or custom designed pressure vessels and air receiver tanks for power generation, offshore and onshore oil and gas applications. ProMec Engineering can also provide 3rd party design verification if required because we specialise in pressure vessel fabrication in Perth up to the most demanding standards in the industry.


At ProMec Engineering we have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we are known for delivering cutting-edge design and fabrication for our clients in a cost-effective manner while maintaining the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability. Their senior team has the expertise to design, fabricate or source any product to suit your requirements. We’re glad to provide high-quality pressure vessel fabrication in Perth and cost-effective solutions to meet client specifications. We leverage a worldwide supply chain developed through decades of industry experience and use the latest technologies and global standards to deliver cutting-edge applications. ProMec Engineering provides a broad range of design and manufacturing solutions for the power generation, mining, oil and gas, materials handling, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, infrastructure and construction industries. In our 20 years of success at completing deluxe pressure vessel fabrication in Perth, we have had the chance to work with customers from all industries.


ProMec Engineering is the best place when you’re looking for excellent pressure vessel fabrication in Perth, Australia. Contact us today if you want to know everything about our superior services with first class pressure vessel fabrication in Perth, we’re always here to assist you.